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The latest developments from Triton Tools include its 750 W pendulum action jigsaw. This powerful precision tool offers amazing cutting performance, handy features and an extensive range of accessories.

16 May. 2018
Toolstream 750W

Toolstream Ltd, based in the UK, is the sole distributor of over 5,000 hand tools, power tools, fixings and adhesives to retailers and wholesalers throughout Europe. Among the brands it distributes is Triton Tools from Australia. Ever since Triton produced its first workstation in 1976, precision has been central to the design philosophy for each of its tools - from its award-winning plunge routers and circular saws with laser guide to its widely acclaimed SuperJaws clamping systems and its Series 2000 Workcentres. Triton’s latest developments include its innovative 750 W pendulum action jigsaw with outstanding cutting performance.

The jigsaw boasts a powerful 750 W motor with three-stage pendulum action and maintains constant speed under load, ensuring optimized motor control, even when subjected to high loads. It offers the option of presetting a speed of 800-3000 strokes per minute. Thanks to dual-axis grips, the tool can be held with both vertical pressure and horizontal direction control. It also supports fast, tool-free saw blade changes and bevel adjustment from 0 to 45 degrees in both directions. The cutting capacity is 110 millimeters in wood, 10 millimeters in steel and 25 millimeters in aluminum. The saw comes with three high-performance blades, base cover, parallel guide, Triton track adaptor and soft case.

Toolstream Ltd (Yeovil BA22 8HZ, United Kingdom)

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