LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
Surface Technology

Casting light on UV technology

For more than thirty years, EFSEN has endeavored to create UV solutions that ensure wood curing systems are as user-friendly and effective as they can be. The Danish company is now at LIGNA 2019 to present its new ICAD technology for achieving optimum quality in UV LED production.

26 May. 2019
Trendspots Editorial Office

Ever since 1986, EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY has attracted great interest throughout the wood industry with innovative and high-quality UV curing systems. Anyone eager to discover what the company has to offer should head to LIGNA 2019, where EFSEN is showing how it can support its customers by ensuring top quality and maximum product safety in the manufacture of end products. The developers from EFSEN are bringing practical solutions to Hannover that are designed to offer customers extensive benefits. Stealing the limelight is their ICAD technology - the company's latest innovation for all users of UV technology.

Designed to allow for full control of the UV curing process without interrupting production, ICAD is set to pave the way for intelligent UV production lines that monitor their own performance, deliver efficient results and are compatible with Industry 4.0. The proprietary ICAD technology forms an integral part of systems such as the new W-LED, which EFSEN is also presenting in Hannover. An optimized UV LED solution for surface treatment within flat line manufacturing processes, W-LED features a built-in cabinet and thus requires little floor space. Thanks to smart height adjustment functionality, it can also perfectly adapt to the products underneath. What's more, W-LED is designed to help save energy, with sensors recognizing when the products reach the unit. Available in various power levels and wavelengths, W-LED is ideal for different production speeds and different positions on the manufacturing line.

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