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Clamps revamped

The new STC S MFT toggle clamp systainer from BESSEY is about to make everyday work much easier for tradesmen who deal with a variety of conditions while working in different locations.

15 Feb. 2019

The origins of BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG date back 130 years. Founded in 1889 as a bright steel drawing plant, the company has continued expanding its range of products and services ever since. Today, with some 1,200 products, BESSEY is one of the world's largest clamping and cutting tool manufacturers, with a presence in over 100 countries. Bessey toggle clamps are flexible and up to five times faster to operate than conventional models, making them some of the company’s most popular products. Mobile tradesmen can now benefit from these advantages, too, as BESSEY is offering its self-adjusting toggle clamps in a set with matching adapters for multifunction tables and table clamps in a systainer with a special wooden insert.

Integrated into the lid of the new STC S MFT toggle clamp systainer, the wooden insert features a pattern of 20 mm holes. Thanks to these holes, the stackable storage and transport case can also be used as a small mobile work table. Comprising four STC HH50 horizontal toggle clamps, two STC IHH25 push/pull clamps, six STC SET T20 accessory sets for multifunction tables and two GTR12 all-steel table clamps - the contents of the systainer provide tradesmen with three practical options for fixing a workpiece. The table clamps can be inserted directly into the holes of the lid insert, whereas the two toggle clamp models are each used in conjunction with the accessory set. All clamping devices in the STC S MFT toggle clamp systainer can also be used on standard multifunction tables that have holes with a 20 mm diameter and a table top thickness between 19 mm and 25 mm.

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