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Diverse sawing technology from Switzerland

Vertical sawing is about much more than simply getting a clean cut through wood-based materials. The portfolio that Striebig AG is showcasing at LIGNA 2017 centers on the theme of "diversity", featuring both customized solutions and new product innovations.

03 Apr. 2017
Striebig AG vertikales Sägen

Hailing from the beautiful shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Striebig AG specializes in vertical sawing - from its COMPACT and STANDARD ranges right through to the premium EVOLUTION and CONTROL models and the top-end 4D saw. The company is confident that its wide range of saw sizes covers a more diverse spectrum of applications than any other market competitor, with even its most basic equipment surpassing the usual market standards. However, several optional extras are also available for users who want to take their vertical sawing even further.

The VSA scoring saw unit, for example, extends the service life of the saw blade and prevents damage to the edge profile. Meanwhile, processors with requirements that go beyond simple panel cutting can upgrade their Striebig saw with a grooving tool (NVV). Visitors to LIGNA 2017 are invited to the Striebig stand to see how the tool facilitates grooving and milling on a vertical saw.

Another focus for the company in Hannover this year is the impressive diversity of materials that can be processed using Striebig saws - from sandwich panel materials up to 25 m² with a thickness of 130 mm, to composite panels up to 30 m² and even 80 mm thick aluminum panels for automotive manufacturing. With comprehensive expertise in engineering, Striebig AG is fully equipped to deliver effective sawing solutions for even the most complex requirements.


Striebig at LIGNA

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