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Hot off the press!

MSM Maschinenbau GmbH is at LIGNA 2019 to celebrate the debut of its new VMP PREMIUM vacuum press, which is set to wow visitors with its practical design and user-friendly control system.

31 May. 2019
MSM Maschinenbau VMP Premium

MSM Maschinenbau GmbH has specialized in manufacturing vacuum presses for over 20 years. Since completely switching over to direct sales in 2017, the company is now keener than ever to continuously enhance the technology and user-friendliness of its tried-and-tested solutions, while also providing collaborative consulting services both during and after sales. The exceptional flexibility brought about by this transition has enabled the company to implement not only customer needs but also its own innovations more quickly and with less administrative outlay - resulting in a choice of special sizes and custom solutions, such as double-membrane presses.

There is no mistaking that MSM Maschinenbau GmbH is eager to set new standards, as its showcase at LIGNA 2019 makes very clear. One of the innovations on show is the company's new VMP PREMIUM, designed to bridge the gap between a straightforward membrane press and workplace organization. This ground-breaking vacuum press is fitted with three spacious drawers, making it the first to make optimum use of the space underneath the worktop. These drawers provide the perfect storage space for glue, inserts, clamps, adhesive tape and other utensils, ensuring they are readily available at all times. Another new feature is the pull-out shelf, which can be used to place not only glue rollers and tools, but also the plans used during preparations. What’s more, there are even two power sockets and a compressed air supply integrated into the front of the machine alongside an additional vacuum connection, which could be used to operate a vacuum bag or vacuum suction cup. This means the press is equipped with everything the user could possibly need to prepare materials, machine workpieces and ensure a perfect finish. To carry out these tasks, operators can also use the stable cover panel, designed to turn the VMP PREMIUM into a mobile work table. It's not just the mechanical configuration that's set to impress customers - the press has a lot to offer on the technical side, too. For example, it features a user-friendly PLC system with a clear touchscreen interface for controlling the vacuum pump, which is lubricated with circulating oil, boasts a suction volume of 40 cubic meters per hour and is equipped with a 250-liter vacuum tank. Last but not least, the press offers a wide variety of programs for users to choose from.

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MSM Maschinenbau at LIGNA

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