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How does digital wood grow? Discover the tapio ecosystem at LIGNA

What would be possible if, for example, machines, tools, and materials could communicate with each other? tapio has the vision to help the wood industry by making the jump into a digital future. The first noticeable advantages are already being realized today. How can this work? More than 30 partners are working with tapio to answer these questions.

03 Apr. 2019
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Digital diversity as the guarantee for the future

In many industries, we could observe how established companies were overtaken from the outside. It is tapio's vision that this does not happen in the wood industry.

In order to make tapio's vision reality, we are currently creating, together with our more than 30 business partners (which have tripled within one year), an ecosystem, especially for the wood industry. Ecosystem means that the business partners (e.g. machine, tool, and material manufacturers) share the conviction that exchange and collaboration is crucial for the digital future.

What makes the tapio-based solutions for customers so unique and attractive for the wood industry? Julian Spöcker, Head of Sales, puts it this way: "The everyday life of a carpenter, for example, is "colorful", with machines, tools, and materials from various manufacturers. Let's stay with the machines for a moment. With the tapio MachineBoard App, the customer always has the current conditions of his machines on his smartphone, regardless of manufacturer. He is informed preventively by a notification, if, e.g. an operator intervention, like tool or label roll change is necessary. This enables the operator to avoid downtimes significantly better and thus save costs. With tapio, customers can easily manage their "colorful" machinery with one tapio customer account as well as add further colleagues. So tapio is the place where customers get every kind of digital solutions for their companies".

Another example of an application for several partners is the tapio ServiceBoard. The tapio ServiceBoard allows the machine operator or maintenance technician to easily create service cases including pictures and send them to his service partner. With the help of the video diagnosis function, the service partner and the carpenter, for example, can jointly view, analyze and solve the service case via smartphone or tablet. This makes the machines quickly available again and saves up to 25% in costs and time.

Our partners are also already offering their first own solutions based on tapio and are thus shaping their digital future. The cutting optimization 'intelliDivide' from our partner Homag takes cutting efficiency to the next level.

tapio builds and provides the basis for this, which can be used by all business partners. In this way, the business partners can concentrate on their unique know-how, innovate new digital solutions in this area and do not have to develop into a technology provider.

If you always wanted to know what tapio has to offer, you should visit us this year at LIGNA. On our booth we will show the solutions of tapio, and in different applications, together with our partners, we will show what is possible. Just visit us in hall 15 booth G05. You can't miss us, white on black, that's us :-)

PS: You can look forward to new services, which we will announce with our partners at LIGNA. The final of our hackathon " Hack the wood " will also take place at LIGNA on 28 May.

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