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Konstantin – the sharpest knife in the drawer!

Aigner-Werkzeuge GmbH from Taufkirchen in Austria is celebrating its debut presentation at LIGNA with a range of new products. Among them is Konstantin, the first diamond jointing cutterhead with replaceable diamond knives that have a constant diameter.

15 Feb. 2017
Aigner Konstantin

The Konstantin cutterhead is used to join the narrow edges of panel materials as quietly as possible. It consists of a basic body made of lightweight metal and can be supplied for all popular edgebanding machines. However, what makes Konstantin really stand out is that the tool’s diameter does not change when knives are replaced, which means users no longer have to waste time adjusting their jointing machines. Visitors to LIGNA 2017 can discover how Konstantin’s optimum cutter fit ensures the diamond knives can be replaced on site and even interchanged.

The diamond knives feature an impressively long service life and can also be resharpened several times over. All this makes Konstantin the perfect fit for the do-it-yourself trend, particularly since users can replace knives themselves without the need for an assembly jig. Furthermore, the high repeat accuracy during knife replacement means the diamond tool never needs sending away. Other key advantages are that the knives can be interchanged between co-rotating and counter-rotating jointing cutters as required and that cutterheads with a large cutting width can be used so that more heavily used knives from a higher position can be swapped with those in a lower position.


Aigner-Werkzeuge at LIGNA

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