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Lasers enhanced by intelligent camera technology

The new DTEC-PRO modular camera system is the perfect addition to CAD-PRO laser projection systems from LAP. Customers can simply retrofit the camera to existing CAD-PRO systems or install it alongside a new system.

13 Mar. 2019

LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems that use laser projection, laser measurement and other similar processes to enhance quality and efficiency. Each year, it supplies some 15,000 units to customers in industries such as radiation therapy, steelmaking and composite processing. However, companies from the wood processing industry can also benefit from LAP's expertise, and LIGNA in Hannover offers industry representatives the opportunity to see exactly what these benefits are.

LAP’'s latest developments include its DTEC-PRO camera system. This addition to the tried-and-tested CAD-PRO laser projection system significantly reduces calibration time, making manual production processes even more efficient. DTEC-PRO independently identifies the target positions of familiar workpieces and starts automatic calibration. It automatically adjusts laser projections as a way of reliably preventing positioning errors. The resulting reduction in manual operations means much shorter setup times and fewer errors, resulting in increased reliability in production. LAP offers the DTEC-PRO camera system as an additional option for new installations and as a retrofit solution for CAD-PRO laser projection systems. "We deliberately chose a modular approach, which is why DTEC-PRO is not integrated into the housing of the laser projector. This means customers can add the camera system to new or existing CAD-PRO laser projection systems with ease," says Matthias Lange, product manager responsible for the system at LAP.

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