LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May

LIGNA 2017 with new structure

Exhibition areas at LIGNA 2017 are to be developed and aligned even more strongly toward the requirements of the global market and technological developments.

28 May. 2015
Site Layout 2017

Additionally, German and international exhibitors are to be mixed more thoroughly – making LIGNA even more international.

New at LIGNA 2017

As technologies are rarely bound by certain company sizes any more, exhibition areas will be oriented toward the technology presented as of 2017. Additional synergies will arise by locating manufacturers of primary wood-processing plants and machinery, i.e., woodworking (e.g., sawmill technology, wood-based panel production), and secondary wood processing in close proximity.

Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production

The "Furniture Industry," "Solid Wood Working," and "Woodcrafts" categories will be merged to form a new exhibition area entitled "Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production". This area is readily and equally comprehensible to German and international exhibitors. Exhibiting companies can be found in Halls 11–15 and Hall 27.

Within the "Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production" category, the area of Solid Wood Working will be located primarily in Hall 27, near Sawmill Technology (Hall 25).

Timber Construction Machinery will, in future, be exhibited in Hall 13; this area is close to the Sawmill Technology and Solid Wood Working exhibitors in Hall 27.

The Timber Construction exhibition area is to be supplemented by electrical and pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, fittings, fastening technology, and software.

Surface Technology

To date, the "Surface Technology" area has been integrated in the "Furniture Industry" area, but will, in future, be an independent exhibition area on account of its increasing significance. Exhibiting companies can still be found in Hall 17.

Machine Components and Automation Technology

Automation Technology has recently been attracting increasing attention and it can be assumed that this area will continue to grow in importance. Accordingly, it has been given an area of its own – "Machine Components and Automation Technology" has a central location and is close to the secondary processing stage. Exhibiting companies can still be found in Hall 16.

Wood-based Panel Production

Wood-based Panel Production in Hall 26 is to move closer to Surface Technology in Hall 17.

Energy from Wood

The "Energy from Wood" area will, in future, be right beside Wood-based Panel Production. This will give rise to valuable synergies. The proximity to Sawmill Technology will however remain. Exhibiting companies can be found in Hall 26, on the open-air site and in Pavilions 32–35.

Forestry Technology

The "Forestry Technology" exhibition area and parts of the "Energy from Wood" area will remain unchanged on the open-air site.