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The SCM Group from Italy is celebrating the global launch of morbidelli x200 and x400. These new CNC machining centers bring the wide-ranging opportunities offered by five-axis all-in-one technology to the world of nesting.

30 Oct. 2019
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SCM Group morbidelli x400

Flexible production standards and customized small series - even as small as the much-celebrated batch size of one - are becoming increasingly important for furniture manufacturers, too. So it's almost inevitable that their attention is increasingly focusing on nesting technology. Using just one CNC center for the complete machining of workpieces, including molded parts, would help them achieve the very flexibility they desire. Luckily, the SCM Group has answered their prayers, developing its new nesting CNC machining centers - morbidelli x200 and morbidelli x400.

Transferring five-axis all-in-one technology to nesting operations, the Italian company's new series is a timely response to market demands. According to the manufacturer, the utmost care and attention has gone into developing every single detail of the newly designed machines so they can be adapted to even the most demanding customer requirements. This attention to detail is reflected in everything from the work table, drilling heads and free choice of the best safety system for the job to high-precision manufacturing of even complex workpieces, intelligent and economical space utilization, and the innovative tool magazine for changing tools in record time. The systems, which run on SCM's "Maestro" software, can also be equipped with automatic input and output solutions and used as machining cells or stand-alone machines.

SCM Group S.p.A. (47921 Rimini, Italy)

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