LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
Machine Components & Automation Technology

Master your material flow

According to the experts at Systraplan, rising variant diversity combined with order-related batch size-1-production require one thing above all else – a compact sorter that will keep material flows on track so that processing machines and materials can be used more efficiently.

15 Feb. 2017
Systraplan Sortierspeicher

Systraplan GmbH & Co. KG is unveiling its new concept for a compact sorting warehouse at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover. Carefully targeted, simple and manageable investment helps companies to significantly boost the efficiency of their entire production system. In view of the drive to establish batch-size-1 production, systems such as the compact sorter from Systraplan are becoming increasingly important for production efficiency.

The principle is easily explained: A compact sorter is used to buffer workpieces between individual processing steps and then make them available "just-in-time" in a new, optimized sequence for the subsequent processing step. This not only optimizes the manufacturing process for furniture components, but also opens up completely new possibilities for rationalizing production. As Systraplan says, the benefits are obvious - workpieces pass smoothly through production systems from beginning to end, the capacity of processing machinery is better utilized, a whole range of production parameters are factored in and sorting criteria can be custom-specified.



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