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The digital factory by Biesse:

Humans provide experience, robots provide efficiency

03 Apr. 2019
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The digital factory by Biesse

Man and robot: an alliance guided by an understanding, capable of setting the stage for the factory of tomorrow starting today, a revolution that was already started by the Industry 4.0 and now evolves for the better.

Biesse at LIGNA 2019 underscores the concept of Automaction with the unswerving spirit of innovation featured in a 6,000 square metre stand, where automation and interconnectivity provide an increasingly effective push forward. Three completely automated process solutions, from raw materials to the finished product, will highlight the wonders of an evolved production system that is careful and efficient, personalised and flexible. Integrated lines of robotic cells constantly redesign the future approach to production, with advantages that can already be felt today applied to technology that is increasingly sophisticated while at the same time extremely user-friendly, thanks to the crucial contribution of software and services.

Advanced technology, new stars for the increasingly tangible age of digitalisation. The Rover machining centres, consistently the most reliable on the market, gain even greater speed and productivity thanks to the new FPS planes, which guarantee precise positioning and rapid tooling, maintaining ease of use and ultimate safety. New levels of compactness are introduced to edgebanding with the Akron 1100, a new automatic single-sided edgebanding machine for artisans and small businesses, while the method for applying edgebanding strips to shaped panels is redefined by the Ray Force System, an exclusive technique based on the fusion of a reactive layer using infrared lights. Robotic systems control, simplify and optimise production: Biesse introduces ROS (Robotically Operated System) integrated robots that focus on the manoeuvring of panels to achieve efficiency and versatility without the intervention of the operator. At the stand the ROS robots will provide support for the Selco WN 6 panel saw and the Brema Eko 2.2 boring machine. Wood is increasingly gaining ground in the world of construction, with the evolution of specific technology inducing greater participation. Alongside the Uniteam E-MIX, a machining centre specifically meant for machining CLT, LIGNA will also introduce the Uniteam RC, a new entry-level machining centre dedicated to the machining of beams and partitions for the creation of prefabricated panels, frame structures, ideal for medium and small businesses that want to respond to the most complicated demands of modern design.

Fifty years after it was founded, Biesse is prepared to face another fifty with its eyes on the future and its mind on the customer: with this perspective, investments in innovation, automation and services for the customer are also set to continue. Biesse is, in fact, continuing its innovative journey with SOPHIA, an IoT service platform, expanding the platform's functions in favour of predictiveness. This will significantly improve the level of personalised interaction with the customer on the basis of the machine, enabling a notable reduction in the time required for assistance.

LIGNA 2019: The future is already here.


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