LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
Sawmill Technology

The wood panel multi-talent

Swiss company STRIEBIG AG, which specializes in vertical panel saws, is premiering its new Premium Class CONTROL center. Its extensive range of equipment is designed to enable fully automatic, ultra-precision cutting.

12 Apr. 2019
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If you thought the Swiss were only good for banking, clocks or chocolate, then think again. They also have a long tradition in areas such as mechanical engineering. Lucerne-based STRIEBIG AG, for example, not only invented the vertical panel saw, it also continues to develop and manufacture these solutions and their accessories, making it a leading light in the efficient and high-quality machining of large panels made of wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, composite panels, plasterboard, cardboard, etc. The STRIEBIG machine range now meets virtually all customer needs, from manual to fully automatic operation, thanks in no small measure to the company’s latest innovation, the CONTROL panel saw, which is being unveiled at LIGNA 2019.

According to STRIEBIG, CONTROL is set to redefine the Premium Class for vertical sawing technology. Enhanced cutting optimization software - available as a BaseCut or ExpertCut version - and the addition of a 12-inch touchscreen computer make the complete cutting process fully automatic and ultra-precise. And that's not all. CONTROL is already fully equipped as standard, including a digital measuring system (DMS) for both axes and automatic saw beam locking with cutting point recognition. The saw can also be customized with a comprehensive range of options, such as a combination of 4SB system and ABO for automatic 4-sided trimming cuts. This feature is exclusive to STRIEBIG CONTROL.

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Striebig at LIGNA

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