LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
Energy from Wood

Time to get the BBQ out!

Keen to tackle the difficulties in producing biochar, POLYTECHNIK Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH has optimized the process to ensure its future on the European market. The company is now unveiling the fruits of its labor at LIGNA 2019.

22 May. 2019
Trendspots Editorial Office
Polytechnik GreenCarbon

Conventionally, biochar is produced by using pyrolysis to char purely plant-based raw materials - but this has typically led to two major problems. Firstly, this method creates waste gases that are incompatible with European environmental standards. Secondly, the amount of energy lost accounts for up to two thirds of the raw material used. The cutting-edge plant technology developed by POLYTECHNIK Luft- und Feuerungstechnik GmbH now promises to resolve these issues - and it's on show for the first time ever at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover.

The revamped process is designed to ensure the production of biochar, which has been largely abandoned in Europe, makes a comeback on this huge sales market and that the relevant raw materials are therefore used close to their source. POLYTECHNIK believes the most important areas of application will be the production of barbecue coal for consumers, the manufacture of biochar for improving soil quality (terra preta), and the making of top-quality coal products for industry.


At LIGNA 2019 you could visit POLYTECHNIK on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more