LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
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Yet another LIGNA success!

When a French sawmilling company and an Italian supplier of scanning solutions meet in northern Germany to sign a deal that benefits everyone involved, it can only mean one thing - as the world's leading trade fair for the wood processing industry, LIGNA brings together what belongs together.

14 Jun. 2017
Microtec CT Log

CT Log from Italian-based Microtec is a 360° X-ray CT sawing solution that scans and reconstructs the internal features of logs to produce an optimum section view in real time. As a result, it supports fully digitalized log reconstruction and virtual sorting to successfully optimize bucking and sawing processes. Sawmilling company Piveteau Scierie was won over by CT Log and its end-to-end, high-quality, all-round log reconstruction in 3D. The company has already invested previously in various Microtec solutions, such as Winlog software for log sorting in log yards, a transverse wane scanner and a Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner with X-ray module for lumber quality grading and bucking optimization.

Piveteau Scierie, which is based in Saint Florence, France, and has been a Microtec customer for many years, decided at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover to equip its log yard with Microtec's CT Log computer tomograph. The company is looking to use this investment to improve its production capacity and increase the value of its logs. "We're very proud that Piveteau is continuing to place its trust in Microtec solutions to upgrade its production facilities," says Federico Giudiceandrea, Microtec CEO, who goes on to highlight a special aspect of his company's corporate culture: "We see this as a sign of Piveteau's satisfaction with our previous projects and its trust in our work, which is what matters most to us." Following Swedish company Norra Timber, Piveteau Scierie is already the second company to acquire a CT Log from Microtec this year - and, thanks to numerous other productive discussions at LIGNA 2017, this success is set to continue for Microtec in the months ahead.

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Microtec at LIGNA

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