When Dr. Walter Hoffmann and his two sons Thomas and Martin first founded Hoffmann Maschinenbau GmbH, satisfying customer needs was already a top priority. In 1990, the company started out by manufacturing rather conventional woodworking machines and equipment, but it was a truly groundbreaking concept that unlocked its full potential - the Hoffmann Dovetail Key. This came as the result of many years of painstaking development work for different and sometimes even extreme applications that Thomas and Martin Hoffmann undertook while visiting the United States. Following the launch of the Hoffmann Dovetail Key, connecting all kinds of workpieces and components became the core expertise of what was now an international business.

This brings us back to the company's commitment to satisfying customer requirements, because the Bruchsal-based Hoffmann Maschinenbau is now making a name for itself with its key formats exclusively designed to meet customer-specific application criteria. For example, the company developed a wooden key for corner and longitudinal connections that meets the exact specifications of a wooden house builder and thus helps considerably reduce the assembly work involved in construction, while also significantly improving the imperviousness of wall structures. The key’s double dovetail shape has now become a symbol for secure connections that can cope with a wide variety of conditions.

Hoffmann GmbH Maschinenbau (76646 Bruchsal, Germany)
Website: www.hoffmann-schwalbe.de