LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
LIGNA Trainings

Showing, Doing, Knowing

In line with the motto of "Showing, Doing, Knowing", LIGNA exhibitors will once again be able to offer training sessions for users from joinery, carpentry and assembly at the next event in 2019. This is the ideal way to present your latest equipment to and share your expertise with potential users.

Präsentationslayout LIGNA Trainings

(Please plan to give your training session in German, since German is the native language for most of the skilled tradespeople being targeted for these sessions.)

Showing, Doing, Knowing: That is the motto of the LIGNA training sessions for users in the fields of joinery, carpentry and assembly. This represents our response to changes in the woodworking and assembly professions – changes which are placing increasing demands on companies and workers. Using the right technology and materials can make operations much more efficient and guarantee superior quality. Especially when time is of the essence, these factors can be decisive for the success of woodworking and assembly.

The Workshop Program

LIGNA training sessions are free of charge to all participants. The sessions take place in the pavilion adjacent to Hall 11.


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