LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
Trade visitor insights

6 Facts about LIGNA Visitors

A successful trade show essentially depends on how many visitors and therefore how many potential customers an exhibitor can welcome to their stand. In addition, the quality of talks with prospects is an important gauge of future deals.
Who makes up the professional public? What is the ratio of decision-makers and top managers, and what is the investment volume?
The answer to these and other questions can be found in our 6 Facts about LIGNA Visitors. Use this information to maximize your own success at the trade show.

Fact 1:

Outstanding number of international visitors
96,000 enthusiastic visitors attended LIGNA. With over 40 % coming from abroad, you present your products and services to an international professional audience.

Fact 2:

High percentage of trade visitors
95 % of visitors to LIGNA were trade visitors. This allows you to target your demographic with utmost precision, and with no waste coverage.

Fact 3:

Worthwhile contacts
2.8 million business contacts were made in only 5 days at LIGNA 2015.

Fact 4:

High concentration of decision-makers
Over three-quarters of all visitors to LIGNA (79%) participate directly in their company’s purchasing decisions. 37% of these are key decision-makers.

Fact 5:

Clear willingness to invest
Around a quarter of all visitors (25%) travel to LIGNA with concrete investment plans. In fact, the monetary success factor is an important reason for many exhibitors to return to LIGNA.

Fact 6:

It’s impossible to avoid LIGNA
Trade visitors attend LIGNA because it provides the most international and comprehensive platform for experts to exchange knowledge, and because the range of tools, machinery and installations for the woodworking and timber processing industry is unique.

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