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LIGNA 2019 Trendspots - No. 2

Window on the future.
The new Conturex Artis from WEINIG makes the Group's highly innovative technology affordable even for smaller companies and offers a future-proof machining concept for window manufacturers in particular.

15 Mar. 2019

Window on the future
The new Conturex Artis from WEINIG makes the Group's highly innovative technology affordable even for smaller companies and offers a future-proof machining concept for window manufacturers in particular.

The WEINIG Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of machines and systems for solid wood processing. A number of individual specialist companies offer a range of products under the WEINIG brand, covering the complete process chain from the raw material to the end product. The Group's success stories are epitomized by the CNC machining centers in its Conturex series. The sustained growth achieved by more than 400 satisfied customers over the past ten years is impressive proof of the centers’ status as a sustainable, future-proof solution. Now, WEINIG is expanding the series with Conturex Artis - a Conturex designed specifically for skilled tradesmen.

When it comes to machining window profiles, for example, even smaller companies no longer have to compromise on quality or flexibility. As the kid brother of the profiling center series, the new Conturex Artis boasts all the advantages of the tried-and-tested Conturex series while delivering unbeatable value for money. WEINIG also aims to smooth the move into CNC machining through its role as a supervisory project partner. The Conturex Compact system offers customers a complete coordinated and balanced package consisting of the machine, window construction software, tools and service.

Michael Weinig AG (97941 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D50
Contact: Julian Ott
Tel.: +49 9341 86-2176
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Always at the cutting edge!
The latest innovation from SCHWABEDISSEN Maschinen GmbH, taking centerstage at the company's stand at LIGNA 2019, is its double-end tenoner technology for high-precision edge profiling.

Established in 1872, SCHWABEDISSEN Maschinen GmbH is known worldwide as a manufacturer of innovative machining systems for wood and other materials. Panel saws, double-end tenoners and CNC machines for machining panels and a wide variety of components are among the main products manufactured in the SCHWABEDISSEN factory in the German town of Herford, which is still - quite deliberately - the company's only production site. These machines are predominately used in the manufacturing of wooden materials and furniture, parquet flooring, windows and doors, insulating boards, and gypsum and cement boards. Around 70 percent of the machines that leave the factory are exported to over 80 countries.

The list of machines SCHWABEDISSEN is showcasing at LIGNA 2019 also includes a new generation of double-end tenoners. The all-rounders among these machines have made SCHWABEDISSEN a key player in the wood processing industry for some 80 years. These new double-end tenoners feature a special guide for the bottom transport chains. They are designed for industrial applications and ensure the system’s basic structure remains highly stable. What’s more, the SCHWABEDISSEN top pressure system keeps the workpiece securely fixed from entry to exit.

SCHWABEDISSEN Maschinen GmbH (32051 Herford, Germany), Hall 26, Stand D23
Contact: Sven Knoop
Tel.: +49 5221 34 60-135
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STORE-MASTER has all the right moves!
Along with the TECTRA 6120 power beam saw and the DYNESTIC nesting CNC machining center, HOLZ-HER is also showcasing its innovative STORE-MASTER panel storage solution at LIGNA 2019.

Part of the Weinig Group, HOLZ-HER is dedicated to optimizing the machining of wood and plastic and has developed some of the world's safest and most flexible high-performance equipment. Wood working and panel processing are increasingly based on integrative, networked production solutions, so HOLZ-HER offers a coordinated portfolio, always developing a full product series that ranges from the entry-level machine all the way through to the top-of-the-range model. All service activities and product training materials are prepared in parallel to the actual products. As a result, the market launch always includes not just a new machine, but a fully comprehensive service package. The latest example of this approach is the STORE-MASTER panel storage solution that HOLZ-HER is exhibiting at LIGNA 2019 in Hannover alongside the TECTRA 6120 power beam saw and the DYNESTIC nesting CNC machining center.

The innovative STORE-MASTER panel storage solution from HOLZ-HER adapts to the space the customer has available to support state-of-the-art warehousing. The computer-controlled panel manipulator selects the correct panels and places them on the beam saw or nesting machine for further machining. This combination of machines and the intelligent system make work highly efficient for all batch sizes, thus providing an ideal solution for companies of all sizes. According to HOLZ-HER, digitization optimizes production workflows to ensure maximum transparency and value creation. An inventory and a rapid overview of material stocks will now be available at the touch of a button. Production capacities will also automatically increase, while manpower and organizational requirements will be minimized.

HOLZ-HER GmbH (72622 Nürtingen, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D66
Contact: Frank Epple
Tel.: +49 7022 7020
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Lasers enhanced by intelligent camera technology
The new DTEC-PRO modular camera system is the perfect addition to CAD-PRO laser projection systems from LAP. Customers can simply retrofit the camera to existing CAD-PRO systems or install it alongside a new system.

LAP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of systems that use laser projection, laser measurement and other similar processes to enhance quality and efficiency. Each year, it supplies some 15,000 units to customers in industries such as radiation therapy, steelmaking and composite processing. However, companies from the wood processing industry can also benefit from LAP's expertise, and LIGNA in Hannover offers industry representatives the opportunity to see exactly what these benefits are.

LAP's latest developments include its DTEC-PRO camera system. This addition to the tried-and-tested CAD-PRO laser projection system significantly reduces calibration time, making manual production processes even more efficient. DTEC-PRO independently identifies the target positions of familiar workpieces and starts automatic calibration. It automatically adjusts laser projections as a way of reliably preventing positioning errors. The resulting reduction in manual operations means much shorter setup times and fewer errors, resulting in increased reliability in production. LAP offers the DTEC-PRO camera system as an additional option for new installations and as a retrofit solution for CAD-PRO laser projection systems. "We deliberately chose a modular approach, which is why DTEC-PRO is not integrated into the housing of the laser projector. This means customers can add the camera system to new or existing CAD-PRO laser projection systems with ease," says Matthias Lange, product manager responsible for the system at LAP.

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen (21337 Lüneburg, Germany), Hall 15, Stand B06
Contact: Mirja Conrads
Tel.: +49 4131 9511-95
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LignoLoc nails it!
The BECK Fastener Group from Austria is showcasing the latest model in its award-winning LignoLoc wooden nail system at LIGNA 2019. The new F60 system offers larger dimensions, better pull-out and shear values, and more opportunities for eco-friendly timber construction.

The BECK Fastener Group is a family business, was founded in 1904 and has been one of the world's leading companies for fastening technology for over 85 years. It recently raised its profile with the development of the LignoLoc system, which features the first collated nail made of wood. Now, around one year on from the LignoLoc launch, the company has taken this innovative product to the next level. Its latest system comprises the F60 LignoLoc pneumatic nailer from BECK subsidiary FASCO along with beechwood nails in lengths ranging from 45 to 90 millimeters and diameters of between 4.7 and 5.3 millimeters.

These new dimensions are set to be particularly beneficial when building environmentally friendly timber houses, where the use of wood-only joints is seen as a big plus. LignoLoc nails prevent thermal bridges, leave no traces of corrosion and won't damage tools being used on wall elements. They are resistant to fungal infestation, too, which also makes them ideal for outdoor use. The new LignoLoc F60 pneumatic nailer generates the necessary force to drive the beechwood nails directly into wood or wood-based materials without the need for any pre-drilling. When BECK LignoLoc nails are driven in, they meld into the surrounding wood to form a permanent bond. This "lignin welding effect" has been tested and confirmed by scientists from the University of Hamburg, whose results were also published in the European Journal of Wood and Wood Products in January 2018. What’s more, the eco-friendly properties of LignoLoc wooden nails extend from production all the way through to recycling. The European beechwood used is a sustainable raw material and doesn’t need to be transported over long distances. Last but not least, according to a nova-Institute study, making LignoLoc wooden nails generates only a quarter of the greenhouse gases produced when manufacturing technically comparable steel nails.

Raimund Beck KG (5270 Mauerkirchen, Austria), Hall 13, Stand A27
Contact: Alfred Stelzer
Tel.: +43 772 421 1111
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