LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May
Visitor Services

MESSE JOURNEY – Your digital visit summary

MESSE JOURNEY is an individualized report of your visit to LIGNA – accessible online and in the LIGNA App.

In order to use LIGNA Journey, you need to attach a small Bluetooth-gadget (WayTag) to your name badge.

With just one click, check your statistics about your visited areas in the halls, a list of all sessions you attended and a score of how much of LIGNA you have seen.

It is that easy: Just grab a lanyard with a Smarttag at the begin of your visit. Free of charge and voluntary.

No need to connect with your smartphone, WiFi or other personal devices. Lanyards with Smarttags will be available at all entrances of LIGNA.

Your MESSE JOURNEY statistics will be send via e-mail after your visit.

As Deutsche Messe AG and WAYTATION care about the environment, please return your Smarttag in the designated drop areas at the entrances once you are leaving the fairground.

Protecting visitors’ data

LIGNA Journey offers a new experience for visitors without breaching their personal data or space. LIGNA and Waytation take the protection of personal data very seriously. Deutsche Messe AG correspondingly can never access complete visitor journeys stored by Waytation. For details, please see our data protection policy .


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