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CSM Heartbeat

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Exhibitor details
Logo CSM Heartbeat
Logo CSM Heartbeat
Logo CSM Heartbeat

Product description

CSM Heartbeat - Acoustic Monitoring of Circular Sawmills
Higher productivity and lower costs

CSM Heartbeat is very easy to set up: it comprises an acoustic sensor (microphone), an electronic unit and the CSM software, always in the latest version. The microphone continuously monitors the noise level (SLP) of the saw blades. If a value is registered by the microphone which is above the limit set, therefore indicating imminent "pinching" or an overload, then the CSM electronics and software immediately send a command to the sawing plant's control unit resulting in a short reduction in the feed rate, and the plant is soon running at normal speed again.

This "advance listening" enables the feeding speed to be substantially increased - by up to 30%! Saw blades that are up to 1/3 thinner and also higher can be used without any risk.

In addition, the maintenance cycle of the saw blades is optimised by measuring the Moving Average level MAV. If the saw teeth become blunt, the MAV increases. This allows the optimum time for maintenance to be determined. Re-sharpening is therefore determined by the actual wear and not by the operating time. The service life of the saw blades can thus be extended several times over.

Your cost saving

- higher productivity - better efficiency, higher throughput
- lower saw blade wear - shorter set-up times, less sharpening work
- higher product quality - less waste, higher cutting accuracy
- lower material consumption due to thinner saw blades
- processing of larger logs possible due to higher saw blades
- fewer complaints - higher customer satisfaction
- reduced saw blade costs due to optimised maintenance cycles - the MAV indicates the real wear which determines the moment of maintenance

Return on investment (ROI) guaranteed in just a few months!

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CSM Heartbeat - Acoustic Monitoring of Circular Sawmills

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