LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May

Dryer One




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Exhibitor details

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Dryer One: 30% energy savings Dryer One is a totally innovative drying technology:- hot dry air is pulsed through two rotary trays on which the material to be dried is uniformly distributed- trays rotate in opposite directions in order to better distribute the heat and improve performance- hot dry air absorbs moisture from the material, which dries gradually without heat stressAdvantages:- wide variety of materials to dry- reduced investment: on average - 15%- energy savings: on average - 30%- performance of the dryer: 0,85 kW per liter of water evaporated- compact size: less occupied floor and / or height spaces- low running costs, simplified maintenance, quick and inexpensive repairs- large observation and access windows- automated steering- less noiseOne dryer comes in two basic models:1. drying of forest and agricultural products, and waste recovery- hot water from a cogeneration unit heats the air via a heat exchanger- the hot air stream flows from top to bottom of the dryer and maintains the material to be dried on the rotary trays- well suited for wood waste, wood chips, sawdust, pellets, corn gluten, brewers grains, ...2. drying grain- agricultural model specially adapted for grain drying

Hall 26, Stand H72

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