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Eddy Current Separator

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Exhibitor details
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In 1969, Eriez Magnetics patented both permanent magnetic and electromagnetic eddy current separators. These powerful systems feature improved permanent magnetic circuits with Rare Earth magnetic material for stronger eddy currents and improved separation of non-ferrous materials.

In operation, the non-ferrous separator utilizes permanent rare earth magnets to induce eddy currents into metallic particles. This produces repelling forces which separate the metallics from non-metallics, providing a cleaner product for further processing. Removal of the metallics is selective and product loss is minimized.

The non-ferrous metallic separator consists of an external drum, an internal permanent magnetic rotor, a drive, and belt conveyor. The external drum shell of non-metallic composite material rotates at conventional belt conveyor speed. The internal Rare Earth alternating polarity rotor turns at much higher RPM than the external shell.

Through the induction of eddy currents and the resulting repelling forces, the alternating magnetic field selectively repels the non-ferrous metals and physically separates them from other materials with minimum product loss.

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