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Goldeneye 600

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Goldeneye 600 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner scans large boards and panels up to 1.8 meters wide. Geometric, visual as well as X-ray Multi-Sensor cameras and sensors determine the true value of lumber, including their inner properties.
The scanner detects and localizes all types of knots, as well as cracks, discoloration, pitch pockets, bark, pith, wane, distortion and other dimensional defects. Goldeneye 600 offers two optimization solutions: Rip optimization for green or dry lumber and defect grading and repair optimization for wood panels.

Rip Optimization for saw mill
Goldeneye 600 Rip Optimization Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner can be used for ripping of green or dry lumber. The optimization software rotates each wide board by a given angle and rotation center to evaluate the best positioning of the board before rip sawing. The scanner virtually saws the wide board into new smaller boards and optimizes the new boards separately. This feature allows comparison of the highest value single board rip solution and the overall highest value multi-board rip solution in order to optimize for the highest overall quality and value.

Defect Repair Solution for wood panels
Goldeneye 600 Multi-Sensor Defect Repair Solution provides the best system for grading and repairing panels of different wood species and different levels of finishing. For the first time size and position of each defect can be determined precisely. Thanks to a resolution of 0.18 mm over the panel width, a 0.5mm over the panel length, 0.3 mm for the depth of dimensional defect and a grain map with a 3 mm resolution, the position and the size of each defect delivered by the Goldeneye 600 scanner is extremely accurate. Due to the very accurate positioning, each defect is routed and / or filled right where it needs to be repaired, also providing significant savings on putty consumption. Goldeneye 600 is compliant to the APA rules.

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