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HighFrequency Vacuum Wood Drying Machine

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Shijiazhuang Cangao High Frequency

Exhibitor details
Exhibitor details
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Product description

HF Vacuum Drying Machine is a relatively small and fast timber drying equipment. It adopts HF electric field as heating source, uniformly radiate to timber, directly heat moisture, speed up moisture removing by vacuum water absorption function, which is extremely suitable for solid wood and all kinds of timber processing factory

Benefit you can count on:
*Vacuum Drying -- 60°C starting to vaporize, which can reduce wood cracking and deformation while achieving low temperature drying
* Warp deformation Recovering --- Wood clamped by hydraulic system before drying, warping deformation to be recovered when soften , making outturn greatly improving and make easy palletizing
* Quick heating --- No need heat conduction, inside and outside of wood timber are heated at the same time
* Fast dehydration--- During the heating process, stepped temperature difference between inside and outside of wood can speed up the water movement from inside wood to outside wood
* High quality--- Avoid outside & inside cracking and color change, by taking control of heating speed, relative vacuum degree and condensing rate.
* Good adaptability---It can achieve both low temperature and high temperature drying, also can eliminate stress, solidify resin and apply to dry almost all kinds of wood
* Full-automatic & Easy operation --- Automatic feeding and discharging device, drying proceeding under unattended mode
* Cost saving --- Low dry shrinkage and material saving
* Sterilization function & Eco-friendly

Hall 13, Stand G28

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