LIGNA 2021, 10 - 14 May



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Inos offers a unique integrated innovative technology for processing of wood waste into charcoal briquettes that have high reactive capacity, high adsorption capacity, high density, and burning temperature.
To achieve high technical and economic indicators of wood pulp extrusion (pressing), there was built a press extruder with efficiency up to 2.5 tons per hour (with a 75 kW main engine). Such indicators of the press extruder performance are achieved by special preparation of raw materials for pressing in a specially designed ring aerodynamic reactor. A number of such processes as drying, hydrothermal treatment, grinding in a high-turbulent flow, and changing of the supramolecular structure of the wood composite-polymer matrix is going on in the reactor. The reactor-dryer system and press extruder are designed in order for wood to turn into a plastic state, forming a dense (1.26-1.32) moisture resistant briquette. The reactor-dryer, having changed the supramolecular structure of the wood polymer matrix, and the press extruder, having provided shear deformations, contribute into conversion of wood into the plastic state. The reactor-dryer has a high thermal efficiency up to 85%.
Briquette carbonization is carried out in a specially designed furnace. The furnace operates only owing to heat of exothermic thermal decomposition of wood. The furnace has a heat regenerator and heat resistant fan, what provides high intensity and the unique process, i.e. thermally stabilized pyrolysis. With thermally stabilized pyrolysis, pyrolysis resins are almost not formed and pyrolysis gases burn with a blue flame; there is obtained an increased coal briquette yield; porous coal structure is free from resins and has a large specific surface area and high reactive capacity.
Pyrolysis gases of the carbonization furnace are maintained at 100% and used for combustion in the reactor-dryer heat generator.

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