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Model 296 Veneer Lathe

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USNR / Söderhamn Eriksson

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Exhibitor details
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The lathe system can be configured to peel 4'/6'/8'/9'/10' length blocks from 4» to 36» in diameter. The USNR Model 296 is the only veneer lathe that can peel down to 2» diameter cores while obtaining maximum veneer from the block. Servo-controlled, ruggedly designed lathe spindles, digital knife location and angle, and peripheral drives are key to providing increased veneer volume and quality. Multiple spindles allow the lathe to apply maximum torque for large diameter logs and to increase volume and recovery by peeling down to small diameter cores. Dual or triple lathe spindles are available. Precise, staged retraction of large and intermediate spindles insures the smooth transition of torque all the way to core limit. Extended spindle sleeves provide maximum spindle stability. They carry the bearing closer to the work for less spindle flexure to improve veneer quality. The system provides complete programmable control of the lathe knife's rotational position or «pitch» as a function of temperature, specie, thickness or diameter as the block is peeled. The new Cast Steel Knife and Pressure Bar are more robust providing much greater stability.Two hydraulic cylinders position the veneer knife. An electronic gearbox allows the setup of gross roundup and roundup peel rates to speed roundup prior to transitioning to the target peel rate, thus providing the best opportunity to quickly achieve the first salvageable veneer. The hydraulic digital carriage drive system provides both rapid forward and reverse carriage speeds, as well as multiple peeling thicknesses as standard equipment. Peel thickness adjustments can be made in increments of 0.001». Multiple «on the fly» peel thickness ratios allow different thicknesses for roundup, sap and heart veneers within a block. Automatic retract feature uses the computerized charger output for block profile to accurately park the lathe carriage (retract position) to minimize idle time during the round-up sequence.

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