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Product description

R.ECO.W.® (»Recycled ecological wood«) is the exclusive distributor of pallet blocks for EUR/EPAL pallets and for the different types of one way pallets produced by ECOBLOKS®.
ECOBLOKS® factory, placed in Finale Emilia in the province of Modena, is the result of the most innovative technology in this sector, both regarding the production processes and also the purification ones of the emissions in the environment.
Our business aim is the product quality, achieved through manufacturing procedures and raw material supply that make our production eco-friendly.


· Value: we are a brand synonym of quality, security and reliability.

· Innovation: the technology that we use is an instrument at the service of our customers.

· Responsibility: we feel responsible for everything we offer to our customers and for the environmental impact of each of our choices.
We have chosen not to use virgin wood obtained from felling trees, but rather packaging wood and pruning from the agricultural sector, from the conservation works of forests, parks, gardens and also from the separate rubbish collection in different recycling areas.
The raw material is treated in a plant that removes all impurities, refines it at the requested granulometry, exsiccates it (exploiting smokes at 400°C coming from the central heating plant) and mixes it with thermosetting glues.
The following production process takes place, according to the kind of pallet block, through extrusion or single-daylight presses.
It's a product that offers many advantages in comparison with the pallet blocks obtained through virgin wood cutting.
Also the heat energy, necessary for the factory functioning, is produced through renewable sources (virgin wood) and not through fossil sources (methane, petroleum etc.).

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