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Automates your length stops quickly and accurately!

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Is it too time-consuming to set up manual stops and are you looking for a way to make your work more productive and accurate? The SawGear from TigerStop offers the solution! This automatic length stop positions easily and quickly and also makes complex miter sawing possible. But that's not the only thing ...

Why should you choose the SawGear?
The SawGear is an automatic length stop that you can easily mount on your existing crosscut saw, drilling machine or punching machine. This solution replaces your manual stops and tape measure when setting lengths and carrying out complex miter work. Thus, the SawGear enables you to work quickly and accurately, every time.

How does the SawGear work?
The SawGear is very easy to use. You first set the desired dimensions in mm on the control panel. Then press the green start button. The SawGear will then automatically move to the correct position. You put the material in the right place on the table and your processing is carried out.

These are the advantages:
? Save time
You can increase your productivity considerably with the SawGear’s automated system. The machine is easy to use and positions your material consistently and precisely. This will quickly reduce your processing times by 30% because you will have to walk back and forth to adjust the machine a lot less. After all, the measuring work and the setting of the stop are done automatically.
? Work accurately
With the SawGear you always process your material exactly to the right size. With a repeat accuracy of 0.2 mm, you are assured of dimensionally consistent work, without exception. In addition, the SawGear with a memory of 10 lists is extremely suitable for carrying out repeat orders quickly and efficiently.
? Easy to assemble on your existing machines
The SawGear is so quick and easy to install that you can get started in a matter of minutes. You can choose a smooth table or a rolling table, but the SawGear can also easily be placed on your existing table.

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