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Thermomodified wood (thermowood/TMW) is obtained as a result of processing of any wood species (coniferous, deciduous, exotic) in special installations at high temperatures - from 150 to 240 degrees, in an environment of superheated water vapor and overpressure (up to 3.5 Bar).
In the course of technological processing in the molecular structure of wood there are a number of significant physical and chemical changes affecting the change in consumer properties of wood, such as:
1.Products from TMW acquire high geometric (dimensional) stability. It means that with changes in environmental humidity TMW practically does not react to this and, unlike conventional wood, its ability to warping and swelling/drying is significantly reduced. According to laboratory data, the tangential and radial stability is improved by 10-15 times.
2.TMW is absolutely resistant to biological effects (to various insects, their larvae, bacteria, fungal diseases, spores, etc.). According to confirmed laboratory data TMW is almost 25 times more resistant to all these biological injuries.
3.TMW has 5-7 times reduced hygroscopicity. Its equilibrium moisture content is stable at 3-5%, which is about 50-70% less than the same rate in conventional wood, and the rate of recovery of the initial moisture when wet (rain, sea moisture or snow) is 20-30 times higher.
4.TMW is completely free from such a defect of conventional wood as "blackening" (associated with the deposition and penetration of dust and other trace elements into the structure of the tree).
5.TMW does not rot.
6.In TMW significantly (4-5 times) reduced the ability to thermal conductivity.
As a consequence of all these qualities and properties, TMW, according to repeatedly confirmed laboratory data, has a service life equal to or greater than 30-40 years.

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