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Increase energy efficiency – TurbuFlexS

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Exhibitor details

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Increase energy efficiency – reduce costs

Enormous amounts of heat are generated in domestic or commercial boilers, combustion plants and industrial processes. The waste heat usually emits through the chimney into the atmosphere. A portion of the generated energyremains unused and is lost!

The principle of heat recovery

Heat exchangers allow the transfer of heat from a warm medium to a colder medium. Inside the TurbuFlexS heat exchanger the flue gas flow guides along the coil pipes and heats up the water thereby. The bimetallic guide plates which are located inside the coil cavity deflect the hot exhaust gases several times. The heated water increases the boiler return temperature or can supply individual consumers directly with hot water. Schräder supplies the technology that not only reduces your costs, but also contributes to the reduction of emissions and thus an active environmental protection.

The guide plates in the exhaust gas heat exchanger, which can be pivoted alternately from guide plate to guide plate, are deflected depending on the temperature. The hot exhaust gases in the center of the flue gas pipe are transported to the outer areas of the coil The exhaust gases penetrate the air gaps of the coil pipe and intensive turbulences occur. The swivel angles of the guide plates are adjusted automatically based on the flue gas

The three product variants TurbuFlexS-300, TurbuFlexS-600 and TurbuFlexS-900 are available. All have a DN200 stainless steel exhaust pipe with a material thickness of 1.5 mm. The inlet pipe is wide in the standard version and the outlet pipe is narrow so that the exhaust heat exchanger can be installed like a standard exhaust pipe. Several heat exchangers can also be combined in a series or parallel connection The designs can be flexibly adapted to customerspecific requirements.

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