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Viscan Strength Grader is the best in class optical laser interferometer scanner for determining the MOE of lumber. It fulfills all relevant strength grading certifications worldwide. Viscan measures the board's resonance frequency thanks to a high performance laser vibrometer that works independently of environmental interferences such as noise. Viscan Strength Grader reaches a measurement repeat accuracy of over 99 percent.

Laser interferometer measures resonance frequency
A hammer hits lumber passing the Viscan while the laser interferometer measures the oscillation directly on the board. Using the measured frequency and board length, Viscan calculates the dynamic modulus of elasticity (MOE). Viscan automatically sorts lumber into strength classes according to most strength grading certifications worldwide.

Viscan in three editions
The accuracy of Viscan can be further enhanced in combination with density. Information about a board's density further improves the predicted strength determination. Such extension can be achieved through a mechanical scale, Viscan Compact, or with the X-ray module Viscan Plus. Viscan Strength Grader can be further combined with the Goldeneye Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner to increase the correlation to MOR and MOE.

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