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The biggest SERRA sawmill designed for hardwoods
The Africa is because of its extreme heavy and robust frame designed for extreme heavy hardwood logs. Its main frame comes with a cutting length of 7 or 9 m. Of course an extension is possible. The very strong log supporters are connected to two I beams and they make the frame so strong. The main frame can be equipped with different hydraulic components. Loading, turning, moving the log back and forward and clamping of the log is done easily and fast with the powerful hydraulic. Log lifters have a powerful lifting capacity of up to 10 tons. Its standard electric main engine comes with a capacity of 32 kW (with option of having more power) granting this the high productivity of the machine with the same superior cutting quality. Its new developed saw head, has driving wheels with a diameter of 1 m and for blades with a width of 15 cm. The highest cut is at 1,4 m. The saw blade tensioning system with a distance of 300 mm gives the operator the possibility of using different lengths of saw blades according to the diameter of the log. For small logs you use short saw blade and the customer is saving money. To change the saw blade is very simple and fast , the operator opens the saw head hydraulically by just pushing one button.
The new ergonomic cockpit offers a friendly working place with lots of operational options. Its height and lateral position can be easily adjusted by just pushing one pedal. This allows the operator to have a complete overview of all sights while cutting in order to handle and control the operations. Because of no mechanical connection between the cockpit and the sawmill, there are no vibrations or any other hits for the cock pit while handling the logs. Of course if the customer wants, he may order the sawmill with a simple standard cockpit

The Africa Serie has been proven to be the perfect sawmill for stationary industrial use. Use the service of our Industrial saw milling developing.

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