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Biomass treatment line

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Including the followiing mains steps:


- Debarks crooked or straight logs and wood of irregular form irregardless of diameter or length.

- Capacities up to 100 ton/h

- Debarks to stringent bark retention tolerances (e.g. 0,5%)

- Lowest ratio of fiber loss to debarked volume

- Very low maintenance required

- Continuous operation 24 hours/day


- Rotor diameter up to 2.800 mm

- Wide feed openings and large drum diameters allow the production of highest quality chips.

- Power ratings up to 3.500 kW

- Infeed openings up to 1200 x 1400 mm

- Capacities up to 1.500 m3 chips/h

- Continuous operation 24hours/day


- Operation with left-hand rotation and right-hand rotation, this results in using all working edges of hammers, screens and milling segments without turning these.

- Power ratings up to 560 kW

- Easy access to all tools and wear parts as both sides of the machine can be opened and closed hydraulically.

- Long lifetime of tools because of using high wear resistance materials and 4 usable

- edges

- Low maintenance requirements

- Continuous operation 24hours/day

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