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STORAGE SILOSCMC Texpan's extensive production range also includes silos complete with extraction systems, available in two different versions to meet any specific requirements and needs. HYDRAULIC EXTRACTORShese extractors have a sturdy elliptical sliding frame provided with a particular extraction scraper, arranged on the circular silo bottom sliding back and forth by means of one or two hydraulic pistons, located outside of the silo and driven by a hydraulic unit complete with all necessary controls and devices, including heating or cooling systems for hydraulic oil.CHIPS CLEANERCMC Texpan chip cleaners can be easily installed in wood chips preparation lines in order to remove from the main flow any possible contaminants whose bulk density is higher than that of the processed wood chips. Such contaminants may be - for example: stones & minerals, sand, metals, glass, rubber, plastics, high density wood chips and so on. The removal of contaminants is fundamental to prevent damages, as well as to avoid an early wear of the machines and conveyors installed within the production cycle, what otherwise would involve heavy maintenance and repair costs.MAGNETIC SEPARATORSMagnetic separators provide for the continuous and automatic separation of ferrous materials from flows of wooden material fed through them.ROLLER SCREENSCMC Texpan has already been implementing roller screening systems since many years ago: they find their main application in mat forming lines. The high technology required by such applications resulted in the construction of high performance roller screens, which are strongly recommended also to achieve an efficient screening of chips, sawdust, wet particles.GRAVIMETRIC SEPARATORCMC Texpan designs and fabricates gravimetric separators for the classification of particles according to their weight, size and thickness, as well as for the removal of pollutants.

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