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Combustion chamber for Wet Biomass Grate Furnace

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A bunker is foreseen for the storage and loading of the fuel to the combustion chamber. Such bunker continuously feeds a chain conveyor. The combustion chamber is fed by the chain conveyor, and an automatic hydraulic system pushes the fuel to the upper part of the moving grate. A Fan (primary fan) balances the pressures to dry the fuel and to start /control its combustion by means of the mixture of fresh ambient air and warm air from recycled gases.An additional fan (secondary fan) is used to control the proper combustion process.The real combustion takes place in the second part of the combustion chamber where the hot gases are generated.At the end of the moving grate, the combustion residues (ashes) fall down and are collected by appropriate hoppers and discharged onto a chain conveyor. On the upper part of the combustion chamber a collector conveys the combustion gases into the mixing chamber where they mix with fresh air and reach the correct temperature for drying.A cyclone is installed between mixing chamber and dryer to separate ashes and other heavy contaminants from the combustion gases. A special discharging valve dumps the residues to the chain conveyor for removal.

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