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Debarking fixed rotor

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Operation of the fixed-rotor principle debarker
The rotor of this debarker being fixed, you must come to the center the wooden machine. To do this the ecorceuse is powered by a pivoting conveyor and the timber is then held by sets of rollers with articulated pins at 120 ° with a private operator and framing the annular rotor.

This allows kinematic bark ridges up to 6m long about with high feed rates that are necessary to meet the production volumes of modern saw lines canter type.
Technical features

Three ring diameters are available for these fixed debarking rotor: 450, 650 and 800mm for minimum diameters of 80mm and minimum lengths of 1.6m.

Feed rates ranged from 20-90 m / min depending on the species and diameters of wood. All rotors can be equiped with four or five arms debarkers equipped with interchangeable carbide tools and pressurized by pneumatic cylinders bellows.

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