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The BDB system integrates in only one machine the functions of a perfect metering bunker and of
a continuous scale.
The metering variations are obtained by changing the speed of the metering belt according to the Set value.
The electronic device box supplied with the machine, puts into relation the weight signal coming from the load cell with the real speed signal of the metering belt, coming from an encoder; the instant and the total metering values are controlled.
The BDB system continuously weighs and measures without inertia! In addition there addition are no «tails», which are not exactly checkable. The load on the cell will always be constant and close to the max. capacity, also in the case of small metering flows.
The BDB system exploits always the best resolution and grants an accuracy of +/- 0,5% referred to the real metering capacity ( and not to the max. capacity ) in the complete setting range from 10% to 100% of the load cell.
The BDB continuous metering scales are a stand-alone unit and can be installed both in a new resin preparation system or be fitted to existing systems to replace obsolete and unreliable scales.

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