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Double End Tenoner

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E-Chain Machinery's representative showpiece, the Double End Tenoner, is a quintessential part of many wood-working mass production systems. Its functions include sizing (cutting to required dimensions), profile moulding, sanding and boring holes on parallel sides of workpieces. It works well with all wood types be it solid hard or softwood, engineered panels, and many other material types such as cement fibre boards, rubber, etc. It is used widely in the production of building materials, furniture and flooring. Our specialism in the Double End Tenoner category has allowed us to accumulate a wide array of working units to build customized Double End Tenoners to suit the machining requirements of our customers. We have also developed various methods of integrating our Double End Tenoners into fully automatic manufacturing lines or semi automatic lines of two Double End Tenoners in a line, a Double End Tenoner to a Moulder, etc.)

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