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Evolution Defibrator system

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The key features of the Evolution Defibrator system include a high-capacity screw feeder system with dewatering plug pipe, advanced helical discharge from the refiner housing. Refiner segment technology, bearing system with no axial play, exterior design that contributes to operating stability and facilitates access for easier maintenance.

Since launch, the EVO series has been expanded to include an EVO 56, EVO 64, EVO 70, EVO 74 and most recently an EVO 50 model. Since its launch on Ligna 2005 the EVO series has been a great sales success and will soon be operational on all the world's continents.

- Low operating cost
- Low electric energy consumption
- Excellent dewatering capacity
- Saves energy in the dryer
- Low steam consumption
- Minimal water consumption
- Uniform fiber flow
- Saves resin
- Easy to operate and maintain
- Short time to production
- Global service network
- Continuous development.

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