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Face veneer composing

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The face veneer composing process utilizes face-quality full sheets, sheets that contain face quality veneer, pieces of random veneer as well as down-graded face grade veneers to maximize total face veneer volume.Efficient face composing improves total veneer recovery and reduces random handling labour costs. Composing enables the flexible production of face veneers as well as the production of special-sized plywood panels. It also improves veneer quality as well as final panel quality and it facilitates the automatic layup of lower quality veneers. The composing of faces is usually a necessity in mills producing technical plywood, overlaid plywood and / or special-sized plywood.The RauteSelect face veneer composing line requires one operator to oversee the defect clipping and composing process. This high production line offers several options with regards variable product sizes, the use of different wood species and layout configurations. Optional automatic functions are available in all areas of line operation for producing face veneer from face veneer quality veneers or randoms.

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