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Firefly Quick Suppression System

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A Quick Suppression System is a Fixed Automatic Discharge Fire Suppression System, including flame detection, water mist suppression and control system, with strict demands on quick system response times and fast extinguishing performance. The system is designed for quick detection and suppression of fires/flames around critical machinery or high-risk areas. The Firefly Quick Suppression System is based on Firefly’s own high performance flame detectors and efficient water mist systems. Firefly has a number of different flame detectors with different characteristics, to match the conditions of each application. The detection is combined with the Firefly water mist suppression system, which has remarkable flame suppression capabilities, utilizing a very small amount of water. The unique design of the hydraulic system enables a very quick system response time. The complete system response time for a Firefly Quick Suppression System is normally as short as 1-3 seconds. Even shorter response times can be achieved for special applications.

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