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Firefly Spark Detection System

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A spark detection system consists of a detector that identifies dangerous particles (ignition sources) in process flows. Once a particle is detected, it is within milliseconds automatically extinguished before it can create a fire or a dust explosion. The detection and extinguishing functionalities are controlled by a control unit. All Firefly detectors are insensitive to daylight. Besides detecting down to the relevant temperature and energy levels, avoiding false alarms is a crucial aspect in the detection functionality of a spark detection system. Because each daylight detection results in the injection of unnecessary water into the process, secondary losses and often also costly production downtime are the unwanted results. By detecting down to the relevant minimum ignition temperature and energy for different combustible material, and being insensitive to daylight, Firefly spark detectors offers a premium detection functionality which is unrivalled on the market. Combines with detection, Firefly provides high-speed and powerful full-cone extinguishing with a unique nozzle design and placement from different directions aimed to penetrate and cover the entire material flow inside a pneumatic conveying system or chute. Firefly also offers a wide variety of methods for extinguishing, isolation or diversion of ignition sources for processes where the use of water is not suitable.

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