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Gravimetric Separator

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The great family of WPS and DPS gravimetric separators satisfies the required capacity of any plant.
The INSTALMEC gravimetric separator is a simple system but very efficient in classification.
The principle of its operation is based on sequentially fluidization speeds obtained from different sizes of a circular fluidizing chamber in which the contaminated particles are introduced in counter air flow. This counter air flow generates a «dry cleaning» and at the same time transports the clean particles to an innovative cyclone.
The heavy particles like sand, stone , plastics , glass, metals etc., including high density wood particles not suitable for the production, are left to fall to the bottom of the separator and extracted by rotary valve.

Technological benefits:
-Excellent removal of heavy pollutants out of recycled fines
-Excellent removal of coarse fraction out of wet and dry particles
-Improved panel machinability
-Optimized panel properties due to clean and qualified dry particles:

* Surface layer
-Higher water resistance
-Increasing of sanding belts life time
-Both surfaces extremely fines, homogeneous and smooth
-Surfacing with very fine papers
-Decreasing of reject boards

* Core layer
-Excellent homogeneous core layer
-Optimized Density Profile
-Thin and clean particles
-Excellent post-formability
-Saving of wood and glue

Technical benefits:

-Maintenance required only for rotary valves
-No perforated sheets, nets or moving parts
-Selection limit is freely and easily adjustable
-Not required any periodical cleaning
-Low cost
-Low energy consumption

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