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Hightemperature Kilns

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Thermally modified wood is an alternative to the impregnated wood. Improved properties predetermine this material to much more applications than untreated wood, including use in difficult weather conditions or in the interior equipment.

Hightemperature Kilns type KHT

Hightemperature dryers are designed for thermal treatment of tree species at temperatures from 170 to 230 ° C. Due to the hightemperatures used and for reasons of resistance to the wood acids are made in stainless steel design with a hermetically closed inside space during the heat treatment process. The best quality is quaranteed by heavyduty fans together with efficient fan motors placed outside of the kiln. Heating sources are gas/oil burners, hot oil fluid or option with electric power. The process is controlled by a fully automatic control system. Hightemperature kilns are supplied with rail truckswagons for treated material with capacity from 5 to 90 m3 in one load.
Hightemperature dryers are designed for high stress environment.
Due to the extreme conditions during the process highly resistant components are used for the Design of these kilns.

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