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iSand HWY

Logo iSand HWY
Logo iSand HWY


The newly developed iSAND HWY by Flex Trim is a flexible sanding solution suitable for any robot on the marked.

The iSAND HWY can be used for sanding of surfaces and edges with both flat and complex surfaces.

The iSAND HWY comes with its own control panel which can be operated either separately or it can be integrated with the control unit for the robot. The control panel can be placed exactly where it makes most sense for the operator.

The flange can be made to fit all robots on the market so the iSAND HWY can be used both on new and old robots.

Together with Flex Trim’s sanding system you can work on all products such as composite, metal, plastic, wood etc.

The sanding unit can be made from 100-400mm as a stan-dard. Other dimensions available on request.


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