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Kinetic Separator

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INSTALMEC's new kinetic separators are a technological evolution for the separation of heavy bodies (sand, stones, glass, metals, wood agglomerates, plastic agglomerates and rubber, etc.) from the wood chips flow.

The system is based on the suspension in air of the materials, together with the kinetic effect of the chips in transit. The heavier bodies are not affected by these physical properties and fall into a suitable and adjustable extraction gate.

The injected air speed create further «dry cleaning» of the chips flow, the same air separates and transports all the fine particles and dust that are attached to the chips including light contaminants (plastic, paper, etc.), the same under pressure inside the machine avoids dust emissions outside.

The principal benefits of this separation system are:
-Compact dimensions
-Static machine not needing large structure or foundations
-Low energy consumption
-No perforated sheets or nets that clog
-Low maintenance
-Fast and easy regulation
-Very versatile machine
-3 fractions available
-No dust emissions

The available fractions are :
-Heavy bodies
-Cleaned chips
-Light contaminants

Technical features:
Variable speed of the belt
Variable speed of the fan
Adjustable selector
Selection limit is freely and easily adjustable
Dust and fines recovery

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