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LED technology - next generation

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New wood finishing process that will generate significant energy savings, decrease maintenance costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Unlike traditional UV curing solutions, the Sherwin-Williams LED cure coatings harness narrow peaks of UV energy, namely 365nm or 395nm (+/-20nm). LED lamps do not produce high heat or harmful ozone. With this lower temperature technology, it is possible to finish pine and other resinous wood species without high reject rates. Additionally, because LED lamps generate less heat, they do not produce ozone pollution and are free of heavy metals, this technology can significantly improve work conditions for line staff while reducing environmental impact.

Manufacturers utilizing LED curing technology on their line can expect the same high level finish realized with UV curing but with a number of additional cost-saving benefits. LED technology generates about 40% in energy savings. Additionally, these lamps last thousands of hours, decreasing overall maintenance costs, and without a warm up cycle there is less down time.

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