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Magnetic Pulleys

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Eriez Magnetic Head Pulleys are an ideal compact solution for the magnetic treatment of conveyed materials.

Powerful magnets are used to automatically separate tramp iron and fine iron contaminants. These separators can be retro-fitted into existing conveyors or built in during conveyor design.


Simple to install
Powerful uniform magnetic field across full belt width
Robust fully-welded design with stainless steel shell
Both Ferrite and Rare Earth element designs available
Range of sizes available: 200-1200mm diameters, 500-2000mm widths (other sizes also available on request)
Options for rubber lagging and crowning
Suitable for variable belt speeds
For maximum ferrous metal recovery, magnetic head pulleys are ideally installed in conjunction with an Eriez Suspended Magnet. This enables maximum recovery of tramp iron throughout the product burden.

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