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Model LBK-150/3P with electrical adjustment

Logo Model LBK-150/3P with electrical adjustment


Up to 6 types of working execution can be done on this model, which makes it unique and impossible to be replaced. On the veneer side you can work manually by the working table which is tilting up to 45°. On the opposite side you can sand solid and veneered edges, by using a traditional feeder (3 rollers and 4 speeds). Besides you can sand sharp edges by tilting the working table. The little entrance square can be regulated by a micrometer, in order to determine how much material on the total length of the profile, has to be taken off. On the side of the idler wheel you can sand curved edges, whereas on top of the idler wheel you can use the abrasive rollers with diam. 25-30-35-40-45-50 mm. On the opposite side you work on the driving pulley, whereas on top of the driving pulley can be fixed abrasive wheels for sanding profiles. The oscillation of the whole sanding unit is mechanical, and avoides the obstruction of the sanding belt and therefore obtain a valuable finishing. The whole sanding belt unit can be regulated electrically, in height, in order to take advantage of the whole sanding belt, as well as for the abrasive rollers.

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